It seems that over the course of the last decade, an increasing number of far flung countries have begun to use all of its attributes as retirement destinations. However, what is the real story behind the hype? Are these countries like Belize really the top real estate investment and retirement opportunities that present themselves as such? Also, is it a safe place to live especially for the elderly?

more for your money

What all of these countries, including Belize, offer to a retired American who is interested in moving to them is an incredibly low cost of living. This means that by the time you get to a place like Belize, it’s the same as all your money triples or quadruples. Sure, there are newer western-style planned communities where houses and property will be very expensive, but in the cities and provinces you can still buy a nice, solid three-bedroom house for about the cost of a travel trailer in the US. USA

personal security concerns

If you believe everything you hear on the news, our trusted US government and business interests would like you to believe that if you leave the US with your retirement savings, you will surely land directly on a land mine. . The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of the people of Belize and all Latin American countries are peaceful and good-natured people.

Much safer than the US

Sure there’s a bad neighborhood in every big city that you’ll recognize to avoid, but if you have what it takes to live and survive in or around US cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle. New Orleans, Reno, Little Rock, Minneapolis, etc. you’ll find that even the worst areas of Belize are a doddle.

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