There are literally loads and loads of antivirus programs out there, and not all of them have been consistently good. In fact, most won’t rate as the best antivirus of 2018. Which WAS the best? And which will be the best in 2019?

Cyber ​​threats are growing not only in number but also in strength. Ultimately, they can lead to your entire identity being stolen or your bank account wiped out. There is only one foolproof way to keep threats at bay: by using the best possible protection software.

It’s not just a PC you need protection for, like in the old days. Any device that connects to the Internet, be it a smartphone, tablet or smart home device, can potentially be hacked. Even your home or business router could get infected! Because of this, the best antivirus of 2018 and later should offer protection for multiple devices in their subscription.

Most leading companies offer a variety of plans including annual, two-year, or three-year subscriptions to protect any number of devices, typically 1, 3, 5, and 10. If you only need one antivirus for yourself, 1 or 3 should be enough. If you want to protect your family, you probably need 3-5. Protection for 10 devices is usually ideal for large families and small businesses.

Most antivirus programs are just that: antivirus programs. For additional security services, such as VPNs, password managers, firewalls, parental controls, and neutralization of threats that hold your files hostage or destroy them, there is a Deluxe or Premium security solution, which obviously costs more.

More considerations to choose the best antivirus for 2018 and 2019

This does not mean that you will need more than the antivirus itself. As long as you choose a good one, you can get all the security features that a normal web/computer user needs. The best antivirus in 2018 – 2019 is the one that offers the most features at a price that anyone can afford. It should also have won awards and accolades from independent testing labs. Check the score of the antivirus program you are interested in. There should be at least a 98% detection rate.

Another thing to look for is a security company that has been around for a long time. Those that have been around for at least two decades are always worth considering. If they’ve been around for so long and keep releasing updated products every year that offer real-time protection, then they must be doing something right.

So what was the best antivirus 2018? What about 2019? Norton (by Symantec) Antivirus is considered by many to be the best. Choose Norton Antivirus Standard, Antivirus Plus, Norton Security Deluxe, and Premiere. There are subscription options to suit any type of user.

Check out coupons for the best antivirus of 2018. Norton Antivirus is also likely to be the best antivirus of 2018, as Symantec has been releasing great products every year for decades. Whatever subscription plan you’re interested in, use Norton promotional codes and apply them to your order.

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