Cats need omega-3 fatty acids, too. In fact, they need them for most of the same reasons we need them. Getting enough omega 3 in your diet is good for your heart, nervous system, and joints. It also keeps their skin healthy and their coat shiny. It’s always a pleasure to see an animal with a nice shiny coat that doesn’t scratch all the time; They seem so much healthier. Scratching too much results in raw spots that can become infected.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on omega 3. I know you won’t find it in dog food, dogs don’t eat fish but cats do. Don’t you think they would have omega 3 in their diet? Check again. Your cat’s food would be complete only if it contains omega 3 in the form of salmon, tuna, halibut or any other oily fish.

Have the cats gone away from the fish? I checked my cats food, there is a bit of fish, not the oily kind. It has no omega 3. It has chicken, beef, turkey, but no omega 3 fatty acids. I browsed the supermarket shelves. Most of the foods cats eat don’t just contain fish. If the food contains fish, it is not always the oily kind.

I tried feeding my cat salmon. She turned her nose up and walked away. I tried to give him shark once too. I don’t know if he’s high on omega 3 or not, but he steered clear of that too. My cat would rather eat roast beef or fried chicken than fish.

What was the option left to me? Cats are stubborn. They want what they want. Sorta like a little kid. Have you ever tried to give him a pill? Or spray them with flea spray? It is not a good experience.

I have found where you can buy omega 3 in oily form for cats. Each capsule contains 223 mg of omega 3. The capsules are made from fish oil. The other day I gave him a capsule. I squeeze the fish oil from the capsule over his food once a day. He doesn’t like fish, but putting it in a can of beef in gravy makes it palatable to him.

If you give your cats omega 3 in their diet, you will surely strengthen their immune system. With a regular dose of omega 3, I hope my cat will have many more years of a healthy life.

Check your cat’s food and see if it has enough omega 3. You may be surprised.

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