Projection screen brand Focupix appears to be gaining traction through word of mouth advertising from online home theater enthusiasts. Focupix is ​​a new discount projector screen company that claims to offer high quality cheap projector screens. From what I’ve seen, this brand of cheap projection screen definitely makes the cut. Let’s explore this in more detail.

Here are some things I’ve seen that make me like Focupix projection screens.

Availability of multiple types of screen surfaces

1. The screens are available in white and gray colors. Often discount brands will only have white screens, but Focupix also offers high-contrast gray. As the name suggests, this color offers a higher level of contrast by darkening dark colors. Gray also tends to provide a better viewing experience when there is more ambient light around. They also offer high gain glass bead coating, which is atypical of the projector screen material provided by cheap projection screen brands.

A border of black cloth on all sides.

two. The screens offer a black fabric border on all sides. A black border on the sides of the projector screen improves perceived contrast by making lighter colors appear brighter. With some brands, this is reserved for only the most expensive screens, and consumers often add a border of their own when buying a projector screen, but Focupix seems to put a black fabric border on all screens. They also have screens with a silver border outside the black border to make the screen look better.

No hidden fees for HD size

3. Focupix doesn’t seem to be charging an extra premium on screens designed for HD projectors. An HDTV projector screen will have a 16:9 ratio, manufacturers often charge a huge premium when the only difference is the screen ratio because HD projection screens are in much higher demand. It has always bothered me to see prices sometimes hundreds of dollars more for the same display brand simply because of the display ratio, while the screen surface size can be even smaller.

A good touch shows that they understand their customers

Four. Some models (if not all) come with very long cables. I’m not sure if all of their electric projection screen models offer this, but some models come with included power cord extensions up to 32 feet. A common annoyance among projection screen buyers is that the power cords are not long enough, sometimes extending only a few feet. Including a longer stem is a nice touch and shows that this company understands its consumers.

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