Being attractive to your man means learning how to be a confident girlfriend. Every woman needs to be confident in order to make the most of her life and, especially, she needs to be confident when she becomes one of the partners.

Men are attracted to women who are confident and they are also discouraged by a woman who lacks confidence and is needy and fearful. Initially you can take advantage of a man’s protective nature, but over time it becomes tedious and the relationship begins to feel one-sided.

Now this doesn’t mean we can never get a “day off” because we all do, but there are ways to show confidence that appeal to men in particular.

For example, when your relationship has gone to the next level, your man loves it when you know what you want when it comes to the intimate side of being a couple. Confidence is a powerful human characteristic, and many men are drawn to this, almost like a moth to a flame!

Be careful not to cross that fine line between confidence and arrogance; one is powerful and attractive, the other is rude and unpleasant.

So how are you going to build your sense of self worth?

The best way is to change the way you think about yourself and how you see life in general. Start thinking about yourself in a positive way, and one way to do that is to stand in front of the mirror every day and say out loud, “I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am unique, I am wonderfully made, and I am adorable.” . “Do this often enough so that you don’t just stand there squirming, but instead can feel the love coming from you for yourself.

If you can’t love yourself, how can you completely love your man?

Make a list of the good things about yourself and everything you should be thankful for, and remind yourself of this often. Look for the good things in your life to be thankful for and as you do so, there will be an increase in the good things, because as you focus on them you will attract more.

If there are some major issues that are keeping you from feeling good about yourself, it can be helpful to seek professional advice to help you overcome them and put them aside. You can’t go back and change what happened, but you can change how you feel about it and how it affects you now.

There is a little trick that you can play with your subconscious. If you consciously say something to your subconscious, it will do what it can to bring it to reality, and what’s more, your subconscious cannot tell what is real and what is not. So the trick is to tell your subconscious mind that you have confidence and self-assurance, even if you don’t think about it at first, it will eventually start to act that way and believe it, and it will.

You can get some insights from your man by asking him what it is that attracts him to you, especially when you first met. Also ask some of your friends what they think are your best qualities, as it is always easier to see someone else’s assets than ours. Focus on these traits and practice appreciating, developing, and appreciating them.

When you’re ready, start tackling some of the things that scare you – for example, I was terrified of flying. (I’m not really sure why, maybe it was a matter of height) In the end I “bit the bullet” and almost hyperventilated during an hour and a half flight with my daughter, who prevented me from getting off the plane when I saw how ” small “the cabin was! But I did it! And now flying isn’t even a big deal and takeoffs are fast!

When you confront your fears and overcome them, you increase your feelings of self-worth and you will find that you have stopped wondering how to be a confident girlfriend. This is because you’ve built a healthy level of self-confidence, and your man likely noticed and loves you more for it.

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