The Jeep Comanche was manufactured between 1986 and 1992. It was introduced by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in 1986, but then AMC and its Jeep Division were bought by Chrysler Corporation, which officially began distributing the midsize truck in 1987.

The fact that Dodge trucks are also Chrysler products made it difficult for the Jeep newcomer to compete with the established Dodge lineup, especially the Dodge Dakota, which was also available with 4-wheel drive.

Furthermore, Jeep sales had been declining with the slow death of American Motors Corp. and now it was up to Chrysler to decide what to do with its new division … but especially the Jeep Comanche.

The Comanche truck was built on the successful Jeep Cherokee platform that shares most of the drivetrain and even some body / interior parts.

I’ve always felt the Comanche pickup was a good-looking pickup, as well as being a good size among compact and full-size pickup trucks across the US and foreign entry spectrum.

I currently own an original 1987 Jeep Comanche 4×4 long bed with a 5 speed gear. standard and the first of the 4.0-liter engines. I really enjoy my truck … and have loved most Jeeps for quite some time. This truck packs a lot of power and will go anywhere you point … especially in tough driving conditions.

My truck is smooth on the road and also handles dirt, rocks, mud, snow, and ice. There are no power windows, seats, or locks anywhere on this workhorse.

Chrysler / Jeep has been talking for several years about building a production truck to fill the long void since the Jeep Comanche. In 2005 they released the Jeep Gladiator Concept prototype that will blow your mind. This is a nice looking truck built on the Wrangler Unlimited platform.

Meanwhile, while you wait for Chrysler’s new blood Jeep Pickup … there are some nice Comanches still on the road and some are even available for good homes. They can only get rarer over time.

So … grab one … take care of it … and enjoy the Jeep experience!

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