Android phones are gaining popularity, and Ford Sync users sometimes have to visit a maintenance shop to get the best performance.

Sometimes Android phones just aren’t “paired” properly from the start. This could distort the Bluetooth connection over time and this could result in poor performance. Like a computer at home or in the office, the owner of a synchronization needs “maintenance” at some point in order for its synchronization system to function properly.

If your pairing system is not working well, you may need to perform a “Re-Pair” procedure (also called “Clean Pairing”). This is a multi-step process to erase your old Bluetooth connection and reestablish a new connection.

This is a multi-step process for ongoing maintenance of your Sync hands-free system.

1. Start the “Repair” process by removing the devices from your phone:

Go to your phone’s Settings and turn on Bluetooth enabled

Below Bluetooth settings, choose Discoverable, and look for “Trusted devices”

If you see an icon or tab that says “Synchronize”, press the circular icon or gear icon on the right and then press “Forget device” or “Unpair device.”

Now, completely turn off your phone for several minutes.

2. Continue with the “Repair” process by removing the devices from your pairing system:

Push the “Phone icon“On the steering wheel, on a button in the center console (if equipped), press the” Phone “button on the MyFord system or touch the upper left corner of the MyFord Touch system.

This brings up the “Telephone menu“on the Sync display console.

Use the tuning button (if equipped) or the up / down arrows to move through the tracks.

To go System settings, then press OK (on the steering wheel or on the console).

Now scroll through the menu to find Bluetooth devices, press OK

Go to menu to select Remove devices, press OK

Find your phone name (or model number), press OK

The system will say “Confirm deletion, “press OK.

Go to the menu, select “Return, “press OK.

Now select “Add Bluetooth device“in the menu and press OK.

Turn on your phone. Let it be fully on.

The pairing voice will say, “Press OK to start pairing a device.” Press OK.

The Sync system will display a 6-digit PIN; on most phones, this is what you will use. On Android phones, go to Step 4.

3. Pairing the iPhone and most phones.

Go to your phone “System settings“(usually in the application with the gears or in the folder” Toolbox “or” Connectivity “).

Turn on bluetooth (if it is not already on).

Go to the Trusted Devices / Add Device area.

If you don’t see the “Synchronize” tab, press “Search for devices. “

When you see a tab that says “Synchronize” and then tap on it, a secondary screen appears. Enter the 6-digit PIN displayed on the vehicle’s console. On some newer models, the Sync system will send a new number that matches the one you already received on your phone. Press Accept, Accept, or Connect on your console and on the phone.

4. Android-based phone pairing.

For Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung phones, for HTC, LG and other Android based phones, do this:

When you see the 6-digit PIN on the console, use the tuning button (or the up / down arrows) to select “Special PIN, “press OK.

“0000” will appear on your console, now go to your phone’s system settings.

Turn on Bluetooth (if it isn’t already).

Go to the Trusted Devices / Add Device area.

If you don’t see the “Synchronize” tab, press “Search for devices. “

When you see a tab that says “Synchronize”, tap on it. When a secondary screen appears and enter the PIN “0000”. On some newer models, the phone will automatically accept the PIN “0000” without having to enter it.

Press Accept, Accept, or Connect on your console and on the phone.

Once your sync system recognizes your phone, it will start asking questions like “Activate 911 Assist?” Press OK or Yes.

5. The connection process

After entering the PIN (as described above), the Sync system will “find your phone”.

Android-based phones can squeak or sound an alarm, and you will be a screen on your phone momentarily.

Make sure to tap to check the box that says “Always connect.” Then press the “pair” button on your phone to access MAP, PBAF login screen or other access protocol screens.

Your console will display questions, such as “Set as primary phone?“Click OK twice.

Place “911 Assist ON“press OK twice.

The synchronization system will ask you if you want to download the phone book, then press OK or Yes.

During pairing, your Android phone may notify you that SYNC wants to access your messages and phonebook. Choose Always Allow / Connect Y check “Yes”.

On the MyFord Touch system, a single screen will appear with multiple questions. Touch the screen to select and accept your options.

After a few moments (sometimes up to two or three minutes), the console screen will show “Phonebook downloaded.”

Then the screen may show “Phone redial. “If so, press and hold the phone icon on the steering wheel for about five seconds and release it.

The console screen should now be clear, or go back to the radio or media playing on your audio system.

Now try using the steering wheel controls to see if the system is working properly.

Make a call

Press the “Voice” button or the icon with the “mouth and sound waves” to get the tone and the voice will say “Synchronize, indicate your command. “

Say Phone and the system should respond with “Phone, enter your command.”

Then say, “Call + (a contact name and device)“from your phone’s contact list.

The Voice will respond with “Calling (your contact name and device).

Or say “Mark. “Then the Sync system will respond with”Number please. “

In a normal tone and rhythm, say the full 10-digit phone number.

The voice will repeat the number (and display it on the console screen).

If okay, say “Dial“after hearing the sync tone.

If the sync system does not respond with the correct information, press and hold the phone icon for a few seconds. Let go of the phone icon and press the “Voice” button again to start the process again.

To answer an incoming call

Give a quick tap to the Phone icon on the steering wheel.

Or you can also:

On a MyFord system, you will see the caller ID number or name on the center console display, as well as the words “Accept” and “Finish.” Press the appropriate button below to Answer the call or to “Reject” the call.

On a MyFord Touch screen, you will see the caller ID and a box with a green phone that says “Accept” or “Answer.” Or a box with a red telephone that says “Reply, End or Reject.” Press the corresponding box to answer or reject the call.

Rejected calls are sent to your phone’s voicemail.

When finished with a call, press and hold the Phone icon on the steering wheel for about five seconds and release it. Or, with the MyFord or MyFord Touch systems, you can press the “End Call” button on the console.

Troubleshooting tip:

If the sync system is still not working, and the MyFord Touch screen is not displaying correctly, you should review this video to perform a “master reset”.

If the timing system still doesn’t work, then you can try this “hard reset” process.

Park your vehicle. Turn it off and remove the key from the ignition.

Open the hood. Find the car battery. Be careful not to touch the positive and negative poles at the same time. Do not drop a metal tool through both poles. This could result in electric shock and / or fire. So be careful! Or, if you prefer, visit your Ford dealer’s Service Department for assistance.

Use the correct size wrench (can be 8mm or 10mm), a socket wrench, or an adjustable wrench to Loosen the black clamp on the battery cable. This is the battery pole marked with the “-” (negative) sign. Just a few turns of the nut should loosen the cable clamp.

Twist and remove the entire battery cable clamp from the battery and keep it off for about five minutes.

Now replace the battery cable clamp and retighten the nut. Now close the hood.

Start the vehicle and let it run for at least three minutes or so. The radio may start on the AM band and the clock may have been reset at noon. Allow Sync to have a few minutes to “reset” before going into your vehicle’s settings and resetting the time. Just press the FM radio buttons to go back to your favorite radio channel.

In some cases, you may want to go through the entire “pairing” or “clean pairing” process again (the steps listed above).

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