Today, more and more consumers have begun to realize that they can be easily duped and victims of fraud. Let’s look at some examples.

Mr. Liyakat Ali, a resident of TN, India, ran an elaborate online marriage scam that spanned four major metropolitan areas in India and targeted gullible families. When the long arm of the law finally caught up with him, the police were shocked to discover that he had cheated on more than 37 women who lived in various cities across the country.

In another case, earlier this year, tampering with land records in another city, Pune, India, led developers to build ambitious projects on tribal land. By the time the scam was discovered, the developers had disappeared and hundreds of investors were left in the lurch.

Across India, worrying cases like this are rampant and only now are authorities realizing the threat of sham marriages and land grabbing cases. However, with a little more care and caution, these cases can be avoided and consumers’ hard-earned money saved.

There are a variety of service providers that perform a background check on an individual. The various types of verification services that an individual can perform on another person are:

1. Address Verification: Address verification is the need of the day as it authenticates and proves the authenticity of a person. It includes checking details such as a person’s name, relationship, home ownership details, and period of stay at that particular location and compares it to the details provided by the person.

2. Employment Verification: Whether you are a parent looking for a match for your son or daughter or a landlord renting out your precious home to a tenant, verifying the employment details of the person in question will ease your worries and make you worry free future. You are also sure of the fact that the verified person has a regular source of income, as you have cited.

3. Education verification: False educational claims are one of the most common background check problems. Verification services may conduct an educational background check on applicants to verify their educational claims. This helps you make the right decision when hiring or trusting the candidate.

4. Passport Verification – False or forged passports are part of identity theft and play a major role in most types of fraud, including financial crimes, identity theft, and illegal immigration. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to verify a person’s Passport or identity to avoid any association with criminals and their associated fraudulent activities.

5. Marital Status Verification: With the rise in popularity of online marriage communities, cases of people fabricating their marital status are also on the rise. Checking the marital status of your potential partners not only relieves you of a burden, but also helps build a bond of trust with them.

No one wants to hire a criminal as an employee or marry someone who lies about their marital or employment status. An individual can be sure of another only after certain details about him are verified.

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