This beautiful nun swore that she would come down and drop a shower of roses before dying at a very young age. The more I learn about Saint Teresa, the more I understand that she has the ability to communicate with us and even bring us into communion with the saints in heaven. She brings roses to those who seek her help.

Saint Teresa of Lisieux known as the Little Flower and Saint Teresa wrote one of the most widely read spiritual books in the world entitled History of a soul. He wrote the manuscript while he was in the Carmel Convent in France, where he died very young of tuberculosis. His vocation was love and his mission was to teach souls his little ways. As he died, he asked God to allow him to spend his heaven on earth doing good until the end of the world. He also declared “after my death I will drop a shower of roses” and vowed “I will come down!”

Have you witnessed the presence of Saint Teresa? The experience was probably subtle as he practices little ways of teaching souls to love the Lord. I have been aware of his little ways and have been amazed to realize his presence and his gifts. Indeed, it is a great blessing to meet this beautiful saint, and I am honored that she is the one I chose as my patron saint when I was confirmed in the Catholic Church many years ago.

I treasure the little ways she has communicated with me. My first impression of Santa Teresa was when I was a child looking at her painting. She was such a beautiful nun clutching the crucifix and the roses with the black veil of her habit framing her face. This painting hung in Lillian’s living room, where I spent many hours as a child. She was a babysitter who was more of a grandmother to me. I had lost my father and maternal grandmother at the age of four, and Lillian more than filled a void in my life. She absolutely adored and spoiled me. She and her husband also gave me reverence for prayer and devotion.

Silently and safely, Santa Teresa has always cared for me. At the age of 12 I chose her as my patron saint because of that beautiful image. Fast forward to age 36 and I’m trapped in a terrifying and devastating marriage to a sociopath. I don’t know which way to go and depression and pain overwhelm me. At this point I spoke with a co-worker who was also a psychic and she informed me that she had a spirit guide. He described her as a dark-haired woman standing behind me. I had no idea who this spirit guide could be, but asked whoever it was to help me.

I returned to my office where I was alone at my desk and began to pray for help. I had a pencil in hand and a yellow tablet on my desk. My prayers begged for help because I didn’t know which way to go. My life was so desperate with no prospect of escape. As I prayed silently, I noticed my pencil moving. Then I watched in amazement as that pencil began to glide smoothly across the tablet. Words appeared that I will never forget: Lousy world, better love now.

Fast forward another ten years and I am happily married to a wonderful man. We are in Los Angeles working on the Northridge earthquake. One Sunday we took a break and he took me to a flea market held at the Rose Bowl. As we wandered the merchandise aisles in that parking lot, my eyes fell on the beautiful image of Santa Teresa. Now it hangs in my room twenty years later and I still marvel that I found St. Therese at the Rose Bowl, no less.

I did not discover the presence of Santa Teresa until years later. It was after I began my own search for spiritual truth. That journey started when I was about 43 years old and I took the Bible Lillian had given me and read it, all of it many times. My study evolved from that intense study of the Bible to include apocryphal books and lost ancient manuscripts. I read books on Kabala, Eastern mysticism, Zohar, and Jungian theories. Then, to my surprise, I discovered the western mystics.

I was raised in the Catholic Church, but had no idea that we had Western mystics! He was fascinated by Saint Teresa of Avilla, Saint John of the Cross and in awe of Saint Teresa of Lisieux!

I found Santa Teresa in her book, Historia de una alma. She had always been with me and I hadn’t realized it before. It was while reading this book that I came across the days of his death that they told me how the pen he used to write with became too heavy. He finished his last words by writing with a pencil! Oh yes, I recognized her then!

Our relationship has continued to grow and I marvel at the roses I find along the way and silently acknowledge the help and guidance of my wonderful Saint Teresa.

On a recent trip to Chicago, I loved the rosewater tower in front of my hotel room in Rosemont, Illinois. I knew that Santa Teresa and Maria Magdalena were greeting me when I arrived.

Therese leads me on the right paths in my search for the truth about the mysteries of the Bible. She brought answers to my questions about the mysterious Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus. She sheds a new light on biblical stories and people of old. She brings answers that complete the story. Santa Teresa inspires me to write.

Santa Teresa wrote her manuscript until the pencil fell from her hand. The last words he wrote are “… through trust and love.” The book was first published in France and was titled Histoire d’une Ame in 1898. It quickly became a spiritual classic read by millions and was translated into languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world. Therese was born on January 2, 1973 and died on September 30, 1897 at the young age of 24.

I think Santa Teresa still guides my pencil. I have no doubt that Santa Teresa can and has come down. She bathes those who can see with her roses!

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