Matte beds make small rooms bigger

Matt beds are often used in children’s bedrooms when there is not much space to spare. The design is reminiscent of how beds are made on ships, with storage drawers under the mattress. Beds tend to be smaller and can be set closer to the ground than many other beds, so they are perfect for children and can free up a lot of space in a room.

The drawers under the mattress are what really define this bedding style. The matt beds will have only one row of drawers underneath, while the captain’s bed will have two rows of drawers underneath. A captain’s bed will sit a little higher, but it’s great when you need more storage space and don’t have room for a dresser in the room.

Bedding for the little ones

Parents often approach their peers’ beds when they move their children from a crib or toddler bed to a “big boy” or “big girl” bed. Children often have the smallest rooms in the house and they also have lots of toys and other belongings to put in the room. Some parents may also be uncomfortable placing heavy dressers and chest of drawers in a child’s room as they can tip over or drawers can roll off their rails and fall on young children.

A matt bed solves these safety problems, since the drawers are at floor level. Even if a child takes them out, there is no risk of the drawer falling on him. Some parents even choose to turn these drawers into a toy storage area, as the drawers are within easy reach of the child. These drawers are also great places to store underwear, socks, and other items that children will need to reach freely when learning to dress themselves.

Open the room

In addition to the convenience of having storage space just under a bed, matt beds are also chosen to open small rooms. Since the bed frames are smaller than standard bed frames, these beds can be easily pushed into a corner or placed against a wall without taking up much space. It opens up even more space if the drawers are used to replace a dresser or dresser.

Having this type of bed can free up space for a rocking chair, a crib for a younger sibling, or just more free space for play and toys. In some cases, it could make the difference between placing a train table or other game object in the room or having to place it elsewhere in the house.

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