Throwing bean bags is taken to another level with the growing popularity of the backyard game called corn hole. When it comes to bean bag games, the game of corn hole is quickly becoming the most popular. Corn hole games are also known, in addition to bean bag games, as “Tail Gate Toss” or “Bag-O”. The popularity of the games comes from the Midwestern states of the United States, particularly Ohio and Kentucky, although the exact origin of the game is unknown. One thing is definitely for sure, people are heading out to their backyards to enjoy playing rounds and rounds of corn.

Like other bean bag games, the rules are simple. The game can be played individually or in teams. Each player has to throw four bags of corn, one at a time, into the hole on a board. A bag that falls into the hole earns three points, while those that land on the board and remain there at the end of the round are awarded one point each. Bags that land on the board are left on the board to be counted at the end of each round. These bags can be pushed into the hole by another bag thrown by the player or by a player from another team. The team that scores in one round will be the team that throws first in the next round. The first team to 21 wins the game!

Those who are addicted to bean bag games like the Corn Hole game will find it easy to make Corn Hole games by themselves. There are woodworking plans available on the internet to take anyone through the steps required to make the board in their own workshop. Those who don’t have the woodworking skills or the time to make a board from scratch can choose from Corn Hole boards available for sale online.

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