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Our Maui fire lawyers work with experts in electrical engineering, metallurgy, fire investigation, tree valuation, erosion and home building to establish liability and prove damages. Our team has years of experience bringing these cases to trial and winning significant awards and settlements for our clients.

The fires that ripped through West Maui, including the historic town of Lahaina, are being blamed on a mix of factors including dry conditions, combustible non-native vegetation, and wind gusts from Hurricane Dora. However, investigators and witnesses are pointing to utility power lines as the main culprit of the massive blaze that has killed at least 42 people, destroyed or damaged thousands of homes, and engulfed countless businesses in the region.

According to Maui fire lawyers filed by property owners, Hawaiian Electric’s aging power poles and outdated equipment were the primary cause of the wildfires that began on August 8. When they snapped under strong winds, downed lines instantly ignited and spread, burning through tinder-dry brush and grass. The lawsuits allege that the company was aware of the fire risk in West Maui for years and did nothing to improve its infrastructure.

How Maui Fire Lawyers Determine Liability in Wildfire Cases

Specifically, the lawsuits claim that HECO did not have a system in place to shut off its power in high-risk areas when the weather forecast called for severe winds. The company, which serves 95% of Hawaii’s population and trades on the New York Stock Exchange, claims it did not have the ability to quickly turn off power because its system did not have the capacity for precautionary shutdowns due to limited resources and the need to continue supplying electricity for first responders.

Other lawsuits point to the failure of HECO’s management of its forest lands, which contained overgrown and overcrowded trees that were prone to breaking under wind pressure. The company was also accused of failing to take action to remove flammable debris and to maintain its equipment properly, as well as of not sounding warning sirens during the fires.

Maui fire lawsuit

As a result of the fires, many residents have been forced to evacuate and are facing long-term economic and psychological damage. Businesses have suffered significant losses and thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings and livestock have been lost. The smoky air has affected the health of many residents and is likely to have long-term consequences.

Maui fire lawyers have begun to field inquiries from homeowners seeking compensation for their losses. Some have hired local firms to pursue legal action, while others are working with mainland attorneys based in Santa Rosa and San Diego who have extensive experience handling large cases against utility companies for devastating fires.

Unlike typical personal injury cases, our attorneys represent victims of wildfires as a class action, and we believe that every victim deserves representation regardless of the size of their losses. If your property was impacted by the fires in West Maui, contact us today to speak with a Maui fire lawyer and learn more about how we can help you recover compensation.

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