Two Types of Student Apartments

The city of Lancaster rents two types of student apartments. These Lancaster student accommodation are available for the entire academic year and offer students the opportunity to live in a neighborhood that may provide a more affordable living experience. Students who choose to live off-campus are required to sign a 12-month rental agreement and are responsible for all payments and utilities. Students must also reduce or opt out of the campus meal plan if they decide to live off-campus.

Students can apply for housing through the College’s online housing application or by submitting an off-campus housing request form. Students must be admitted to the College and have a Duke NetID to be eligible for off-campus housing. The application period for fall and spring semesters is November – April.

Currently, there are three off-campus properties approved by the College: College Hill, College Row, and James Street Properties. The College has a student housing lottery each fall and spring for students interested in these apartments. Students who are interested in these locations make lease arrangements directly with the management companies – the application process for these off-campus student rentals is typically conducted in the fall of each year for the following year.

In addition, students can also find other off-campus Lancaster student accommodation through the Lancaster Community Housing Corporation. This nonprofit organization manages a large portfolio of properties in the Lancaster area for non-students, and students are encouraged to contact them regarding availability. Students who want to live off-campus should note that there is a higher cost associated with these options, but they will have the flexibility of choosing their own lease terms and can often choose units that are closer to campus than the three apartment communities listed above.

Lancaster Rents Two Types of Student Apartments

In general, the central neighbourhood of Lancaster is ideal for students as it offers a wide range of clubs, cafes, restaurants and other places that young people frequent in their spare time. However, there are other less central areas that are equally well-suited to students looking for accommodation in the city. These include Bowerham, which is south of the city centre and has access to both the university of Lancaster and Cumbria University. Both campuses are accessible by bus or train from these areas and are within walking distance. The relaxing Clara Zetkin Park is close by, where it’s easy to barbecue or meet friends for a picnic.

Incorporating academic support services within student accommodation can greatly enhance students’ learning experience. This may include providing tutoring services, study groups, writing centers, or access to academic advisors. Having academic resources conveniently located within the accommodation community ensures that students have easy access to the support they need, fostering a culture of academic success and empowerment.

Be confident and assertive: Show confidence and assertiveness while signing the contract. If you have any concerns or need clarification on specific points, voice them respectfully and seek resolutions before finalizing the agreement.

Take your time: Rushing through the signing process can lead to mistakes or oversights. Take your time to review the contract thoroughly and ask questions if necessary. This demonstrates your commitment to understanding the agreement completely.

Keep copies for reference: After signing the contract, make sure to keep a copy for your records. This allows you to refer back to it in case of any disputes or clarifications in the future.

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