It seems that almost everyone is fascinated by women with tattoos. Even guys look for tattoos for girls. Okay, I know you are just looking for hot girls with tattoos and hope to see some meat. However, obviously the world as a whole is very captivated by a beautiful woman with a great tattoo. Yes, there are those who say it is rubbish and those who have to make negative comments, but honestly, deep down, almost all men love a beautiful girl with an amazing tattoo, especially one that is done with good taste. Let’s face that almost all women at least under 35 want to get a tattoo. That leaves almost everyone looking for tattoos for girls. Whether they are looking for themselves, their girlfriends or just to see some beautiful women that everyone is looking for. Therefore, if you are a woman and you are trying to find a great tattoo for girls designs, you should choose carefully. One of the most important things to consider is the location of the tattoo.

Rental or design

This is kind of a chicken or egg debate and no one really knows which one should come first. It used to be that a person thought of a tattoo and then worked with an artist to graphically adjust what they wanted to the best place on the body. However, these days many girls are doing this in a completely different way. They are first choosing the location on the body and then the tattoo. Which is right? Well, honestly, no one knows, as it is a matter of personal choice. However, this article will at least give you some of the most popular locations.

Main locations

So here are the best tattoo spots for girls that seem to have piqued people’s interest in the last couple of years. This is based on search engine traffic, as well as what is most frequently requested on forums and websites.

Ankle Tattoos – Pretty self explanatory here, ankle tattoos have always been a favorite place for women to get tattooed on their body. They are easy to hide when needed and easy to reveal. They are also small in size and less expensive or time consuming than many other tattoos.

Wrist Tattoos – This is currently one of the hottest trends for women right now. Wrist tattoos look great and have a lot of the benefits of ankle tattoos, honestly. Easy to hide with a watch, it looks great and can be easily revealed. They are often very tasteful and delicate in nature. Especially hot right now are word tattoos done on the inner wrist area.

Dainty Tattoos – Foot tattoos in the past were not that popular due to the level of tattoo pain. However, these days women really want to get foot tattoos. A fairy, angels, stars, and more work great on the top of the foot and it’s easy to cover up once it’s healed.

Side Tattoos – Side tattoos or rib cage tattoos are also one of the hottest trends for women right now. Beautiful flowers, long lines of written poetry and beautiful scripts, as well as koi fish and old school boats or even dragons, can work very well in this area.

Sleeve Tattoos – Surprisingly, more and more women get half sleeve and full sleeve tattoos. It’s a pretty big compromise, but they look great. Popular ideas are pin-up girls, Japanese tattoos like koi fish again, and flowers.

These are just some of the popular places to get tattooed on your body. There are others, of course, that are not on the list, but they are also very popular at the moment, such as neck tattoos. However, we had to limit the layouts and locations somewhere. These are only intended to provide a few possible locations and ideas to help you get started.

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