Nine to Five: The typical corporate life that involves getting out of bed in the morning, surviving the commute to work, and then being able to go home at night. Five days a week. Then repeat it all over again after the weekend.

Therefore, when it comes to spending work time outside of the typical office environment, it is important to make the most of it. Fun business events and corporate outings are beneficial not only for attendee morale but also for the overall productivity of company goals.

You’ve surely attended some of these events before, with the typical manager meeting presenting slides before serving up a traditional catering menu, with possibly a glass of wine to top off the evening. But people get bored and nothing can dampen interest like repetition. With the 9-5 work week only divided by the same old ‘monthly review meetings’, employees will soon be looking for a more interesting opportunity on JobsDB.

Interactivity is key

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The new trend in the business events market has to do with interactivity, where the emphasis is on the commitment of workers with those who are higher in the hierarchy of the company. Gone are the days when we succumb to standing in line and uniforming with others; now it’s about being unique and memorable.

Make your business event the ‘carrot’

Many seasoned expats and international business travelers will argue that working in Thailand is not as demanding compared to ruthless corporate environments like Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Singapore, where 12-hour shifts in front of a computer screen are the norm. In this sense, getting the most out of your employees in Thailand is often achieved by using a “carrot on a stick” method, rather than a lunge whip. And when done right, business events can easily become that “carrot” that company members look forward to every month.

On the food truck trail

There is no shortage of creativity for your event in Bangkok, and we will start with the large number of food trucks located around the capital. This new trend has emerged in recent years, with big names hitting the market like Daniel Thaiger, Pizza Massilia, Two Angels Tacos … the list goes on. All of these can be found at semi-regular venues and can also be booked for private events and parties (just Google their names to find their Facebook pages).

Get creative behind the bar

When it comes to beverages, there are no more excuses to stop being creative. More and more mixologists from abroad are calling Bangkok home, and many private companies can be hired to whip up some eye-catching creations at your next event. A beverage trend that has emerged in recent years has seen local flavors incorporated into cocktails, such as ‘tom yam martinis’ (vodka or gin with lemongrass, salt, and chili), or domestically produced rum mixed with exotic fruits like passion fruit. Sure, there will always be attendees playing it safe with a can of Leo, but a dedicated bar or quirky themed drink menu will be that much more memorable.

Compete for success

Another important tip is to avoid normal business practices. Put aside reports, performance data and future goals in the workplace and instead spend more free time “off the clock” with your coworkers, colleagues and bosses. The holding of contests is another emerging trend; nothing incentivizes a person like earning a reward, through luck or skill. It is a business event worth attending.

In conclusion, whether through a variety of foods, contests, or even an alcohol-laden party for the younger generation, companies can do well to keep their employees happy and invigorated through corporate events. Make your experiences memorable, fun, and engaging. Spice up your event and the 9-5 workweek won’t feel too bad.

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