The Nissan 300ZX Twin-Turbo has one of the most powerful engines ever created for the best of Nissan. This engine produces 300 hp and almost 290 foot-pounds. torsion stock! The turbocharged, intercooled twin engine lacks very little. Read on to find the 5 most profitable mods to give you the most power for your hard-earned dollar!

# 5

Throttle body modification:

The throttle body mod won’t be the biggest hp gain in the world, but the best part is, it’s FREE! In case you missed it, yes, it is completely free! All you need for this modification is a metal file or a 10mm wrench (depending on the year 300zx). All you have to do is simply remove a nut or a molded aluminum bulge that sits next to the throttle cable. This protrusion or nut prevents the throttle from fully opening. By allowing it to open fully, you have increased its airflow, increasing its horsepower.

# 4

Improved air filter:

An updated air filter is the most basic of all modifications. Adding a higher flow filter will allow your Nissan cars [] engine to consume much more oxygen than the original air box. Imagine trying to run a mile while using a straw to breathe. It is not much different for your car if you modify the car and not the air filter.

# 3

Improved exhaust system:

An upgraded exhaust system is the same concept as upgrading your air filter. It is necessary to evacuate all the air that the engine consumes. The problem many people run into is that they do it completely wrong. BIGGER IS NOT BETTER! Having an exhaust that is too large for your car will actually hurt the performance of your 300zx. You shouldn’t have a system larger than 3 inches unless you plan to run somewhere around 1000 hp! This problem is obvious, but one that very few people think about; the larger exhaust greatly reduces the exhaust temperature. Having a lower temperature means that the air traveling through the exhaust system will be much heavier and therefore more difficult to move, which hurts the performance of the engines. Installing the correct exhaust size will give you the correct exhaust temperature and effectively evacuate the air. Contrary to what many think, a car doesn’t actually lose power because it has a large exhaust due to a loss of back pressure. You lose horsepower with a large exhaust due to turbulence and cold, dense air.

# 2

Upgraded computer chip:

An updated computer chip is one of the easiest modifications. Upgrading the chip will enrich the fuel curve. This gives your car a bit more fuel to handle the extra horsepower. Some also say it will help cool the pistons. In addition to the added fuel, the JWT chip maximizes engine ignition timing and also adjusts the cam timing. Most chips will have a couple of extra features like increasing the rev limiter to 200 rpm and removing the maximum speed governor. Having an aftermarket ECU is good because of the ease of calibration for future modifications such as higher boost levels.

# 1

Boost Controller or Boost Jets:

Boost controllers and boost jets are the recommended way to increase boost pressure. Adding a boost controller essentially fools your waste gates, the vent boost from the waste gates allows the car to run at 8 psi. The boost controller or boost jets trick the waste gates into thinking there is less boost than there actually is, which means you’ll have a faster start-up time and a large increase in total boost pressure . Boost pressure equals power. Running a higher boost pressure is only possible after an ECU upgrade. Investing in a turbo timer is also a good idea when running higher than stock boost, as a turbo timer will help cool your turbos when it’s time to shut down.

There are plenty of other updates for the 300zx, but this will get you down the road with the least pain in your pocket!

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