types of yacht rental Cannes

Yacht rentals allow you to enjoy the pleasures of a luxury vessel without the cost and hassle of owning your own. With a wide variety of sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts and more available, you can easily find the right rental boat to suit your needs. The flexibility to choose your itinerary, on-board services and amenities means that yacht rentals are ideal for everything from intimate getaways to large celebrations. The best part? You can be on your way in as little as an hour!

A yacht charter, or private yacht hire, refers to a longer-term, fully crewed yacht with professional captain and crew, often with more luxuries such as a beach club for swimming and water sports. A yacht charter can also include a range of extras, such as a scuba dive master or water ski instructor.

Alternatively, a yacht rental Cannes is an option for guests who want to charter a smaller boat, such as a sailboat or catamaran, with the option of hiring a skipper to help you navigate and manage the vessel. A bareboat yacht rental may not come with linens or towels, and you will need to provision your own. Bareboat yachts are typically less expensive than full-crewed yachts, as they do not include a captain or chef.

What types of yacht rental Cannes do you offer for rental?

Cannes is one of the top yachting destinations in the world. With its steady, southernly winds, modest tidal range and warm waters, the French Riviera is known as the perfect place to enjoy a yachting vacation. Whether you’re planning an event or a romantic getaway, Cannes offers the perfect setting for your next sailing adventure.

When it comes to choosing a dubai concierge services, there are several factors to consider, including size, speed and location. To ensure your luxury yacht charter is a success, it’s important to understand the different yacht types and their features. Motor yachts are the most common type of yacht for charter, making up to 80 percent of all yachts worldwide. They offer the ultimate combination of comfort and power, with the ability to cruise in all weather conditions.

Sail yachts are a great choice for those looking to spend time relaxing and sunbathing, as they tend to have more space than other types of boats. They are also a great choice for parties, as many feature advanced sound systems that can accommodate live music or a DJ.

A catamaran is a multihull sailboat with two hulls instead of one, which makes them more stable and easy to maneuver. These boats are ideal for those who want to explore shallower areas, as they can access bays and coves that other vessels cannot. Catamarans are also a great choice for families with children, as they can have multiple sundecks and even come equipped with trampolines!

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