So he’s been in marketing for a long time. You have created some websites. He put them all to work and adjusted them until they screeched. It has even started driving traffic to its websites, but it is still struggling to make a decent income. Do you really know why? Well, it could be that your target web traffic hasn’t hit the target yet. Let’s see how this can happen.

Did you target the right keywords?

When you did your keyword research, what should you have done, did you target the right keywords? How do you know which ones are the right ones? Keywords should include keywords that people are actually using. Those that also have low enough competition that you have a chance to drive traffic for them. They should also have enough search volume so that you actually get people looking for them. These don’t have to be millions of searches, but generally between 5,000 and 20,000 per month to be effective.

Are your goals too broad?

Don’t compete with broad and singular terms like “dog” or even “dog training”, when you might classify for something like “dog training for German Shepherds”. Be specific with the terms you need to rank by. While it would be great to be on the first page of Google for a term like Dogs, the chances of it ranking that way in the short term are highly unlikely. There are better more specific “long tail” keywords that you can easily get customers from.

Did you target keywords that turn into sales?

Buy keywords, such as “buy,” “sell,” and many others, are named this way because people are looking to buy things when they search for them. These keywords must also be targeted. Since these are the ones that the buyers of the “tire kickers” operate. The more buyers you get for your offer, the more likely you are to convert the offers you make into sales.

Are you actively using your keywords?

Just because you know which keywords you want to target does not mean that you have actually reached your goal. During the content writing process, it is very easy to get sidetracked and not use the keywords you are looking for. If you don’t target and hit the target keyword, well, neither can your customers. It sounds simple, but it is true.

Do you use related keywords?

Since you don’t want to put a long-tail keyword in every sentence, you must use keywords that are related to the one you are targeting. Think of this as your practice shots. They make all the content on your article or page come close and then give credibility to the main keywords you are trying to target. When you did your research, you should have made a list of keywords that you know you can fit in your copy and potentially rank for more than one of your options.

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