What if the tattoo you love needs to fade for a while? Did a job interview or a trip with the grandmothers come up? Sometimes in life being the person with tattoos and getting that attention is not desirable. There are a few ways to cover that ink in a jiffy without having to remove it.


Foundation or foundation makeup is probably the most obvious way to hide a tattoo without removing it. Many companies sell thicker forms of the usual makeup expressly for tattoo cover-ups. Many celebrities have tattoos covered with this method for different acting roles. The biggest problem with makeup is that depending on where the tattoo is, it can be very uncomfortable to wear and it is often difficult to match the exact skin tones.


Clothing is another great option depending on where the tattoo is located. A high-necked, long-sleeved sweater can save Thanksgiving dinner in a pinch. But hiding a tattoo with clothing is quite limited considering that the tattoo must be in an area where the clothing looks natural. The same turtleneck that saved Thanksgiving can ruin the summer.


There are obvious problems with walking covered in bandages, from mummy pranks to unruly heat. But a band-aid can cover some small tattoos. The real reason bandages don’t cover tattoos is because they draw attention to the area. Seeing a poor child working with bandages all over the place is often more offensive than tattooed images.

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