The Google Pixel created quite a stir when it launched in 2016.

The phone was heavily promoted and made famous with an advanced camera. Sales have been flat, but they haven’t posed a real threat to industry titans like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Some believe that the Pixel sales failed to challenge the bigger gamers due to a design that was nothing special and the rather high price of around $ 650.

Still, many in the industry believe that Google’s attempt to undermine the Android market was a good first step and have high expectations that the tech giant will release a new, improved version sometime this year.

Experts point to Apple and the setbacks and improvements it has made with each and every new phone launch. They expect no less from Google.

What to expect Think about waterproofing first. This is becoming an industry standard, found on Samsung’s iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. Many believe that the next version of the Pixel will be resistant to water and dust. The company didn’t include it in its first model, but it should be a feature when “2” comes out.

Reports indicate that Google wants to improve the camera. Already one of the best smartphone cameras available, the company may be focused on improving low-light performance and adding some new features.

Pixel fans may have to pay more. According to a report by 9to5Google, the price could be higher. Major improvements would have to be necessary to justify a higher price in the market.

By contrast, the same report said that Google is also testing lower-end Pixel devices, perhaps for launch to countries outside of North America. These would have fewer features and a lower price. However, it would make sense if a low-end device were offered in the US that would allow Google to cover more ends of the market.

There could be more energy on the way. A higher powered Snapdragon chip could be used. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 was used in the first model. The company is rumored to be testing a Snapdragon 830 and / or 835 processor. Some Intel chips may also be considered.

Pixel has become the staple of all things Android and the first phone had the full release version of Android Nougat. The new version could have Android 0 (8.0) to continue down that path.

The size of the phone matters and little has been said about a Pixel XL 2. While many may have trouble locating an original Pixel XL, it seems Google would want to continue the model, especially with the success of Apple’s larger iPhone 7 Plus. with all its expanded functions.

When can you count on seeing the Pixel 2? Many believe it will arrive this fall, about a year after the original version was released.

It will be interesting to watch how Google plays the launch card, as the new Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, and LG G6 should be ready to market around the same time.

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