Is weight gain during pregnancy a cause for concern? You are welcome! In fact, it is inevitable and necessary: ​​you are using your body to make another body, and you will need some raw materials to do it. The average single-baby pregnancy will lead to a weight gain of between 15 and 35 pounds, depending on the mother’s previous body weight. The average rate of weight gain will be approximately one pound per month.

Nature does this for very good reasons crucial to the health of the baby, and the process should not be fought. In addition to having enough nutrients to build a healthy baby’s body, expect about six months of lactation after birth, in which your body uses some of the excess fat to make milk.

Where does the weight go? About 8 pounds will be pure baby. Add 2 pounds each for amniotic fluid, placenta, and uterine muscle. During pregnancy, your body will also add about 2 pounds of breast volume, 3 pounds of blood, and retain 4 pounds of water.

Finally, another 8 pounds are stored nutrients, not just fat, but additional protein that your body needs to work with to make another human being. However, just because your body needs extra weight doesn’t mean you have to load up on junk food and snacks. You need not only empty calories, but also solid, nutritionally-dense foods in a highly varied diet. Work closely with your pregnancy doctor for advice on dietary needs during this crucial time.

You should also remember that the weight gained during pregnancy will be reduced afterwards. Breastfeeding alone will burn 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day, making it the best way to lose weight after pregnancy. Also, exercising after your pregnancy will help your body tone up and get back into shape, and it will help your mood and well-being. It makes sense when you consider how humans evolved: In our early hunter-gatherer society, a woman with a vulnerable child had to constantly carry the child, avoid predators, feed the child and herself, and be quite active in general. Nature intended for you to be on the move after having a child!

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